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3 Tips for Dealing with Former Love of girlfriend

Each person must have had a history of amorous life, as well as your lover. Before forging love with you, so that she may never have ever loved someone.

The past is the past and live the relationship between your partner with his former already has ended. But what if the ex is still overshadow your love life and your spouse?

Collected from So feminine, here's how to face ex girlfriend sang:

Former Close Friend-Friend Lover
She and her ex-boyfriend had a special relationship, it can not be changed. In addition to his dating, sang the former already familiar with your beloved friends and have a good relationship. As he often appears when you and your partner together with some friends. Thing you can do is be reasonable. Do not show dislike or try to familiar with.

Can only greet each other, but quite got there. If there are signs sang former lover tried to approach you, show that currently there are others beside. Able to embrace or gaze up with your lover with a sincere, but do not earn excessive visible.

Former Still Love Him & Her
Sang former still rather visible relationship with your lover is over. He was always looking for a reason to call, send a text message or forcing your lover to meet. What is more, even the beloved impressed okay and did not feel disturbed by the behavior of
former section. Do not catch the emotions, do not direct anger or confront also sang the former.

Try talking about the good of the couple and mentioned so that you do not like this situation. Ask him if there is any special feelings towards the former sang. If necessary, contact your former sang and let the good and decent that he's not too often call your lover again.

Former Close Friend Him & Her
Many couples are actually good friends after the break. This may make you jealous and anxious, lest there is a sense of love between the two of them again. From always overshadowed worry, get rid of that thought afar. couples have chosen you as the most special person in his heart. Let them be friends, but emphasize the extent to which the limitations couple friendship relations. If you're seeing is over the limit, it is worth reminding you soon lover.

Signs People Will Die

All that lives must die. Like what death process that will be experienced by every living thing?

It is not easy to predict exactly when someone will die. Death itself can be caused by illness, accident or other causes.

In normal conditions as the sick person will usually show symptoms that indicate that his life will soon be over in a few weeks as quoted from Mayoclinic namely:

1 Feeling restless.
Someone will feel uneasy and difficult to sleep, other than that he would often change positions during sleep due to feeling uneasy.

2 Pulling away.
Someone does not want to engage in social activities or favorite activities.

3 Often sleepy.
Someone will spend more time to sleep.

4 Loss of appetite.
A person will only eat and drink in small amounts and different than usual.

5. Experiencing pause when breathing.
This usually happens when a person is asleep or awake.

6 Wounds that do not heal.
Experienced injury or infection difficult to be cured.

7 Swelling.
In some swelling in the area of ​​the hands, feet or other body parts.

The process of dying began to occur when the body can not get oxygen needed to survive. Different cell death will have different speeds, so the length of the process depends on the dying person's cells that lack oxygen.

While the brain requires large amounts of oxygen and have little oxygen reserves. So if the intake of oxygen is reduced it will lead to cell death within 3-7 minutes.

Some of the signs shown by the dying person is more sleep, it is to save a little energy remaining in the body. When the energy is lost, then the person will lose the desire to eat or drink. The process of swallowing becomes difficult and mouth will be very dry, forcing people who are dying for a drink would make it choke.

In addition, people who are dying to lose control of the bladder and intestines, so often seen wetting. People will feel confused, anxious and restless because it can not breathe regularly. When the cells in the body start to lose connection, then it will experience muscle spasms.

Death will be getting closer if the feet and hands feel cold and begin to slightly turn blue due to interruption of blood flow to the area. But in time they will increasingly spread to the upper parts of the body such as arms, lips and nails. Moreover people become unresponsive, though his eyes were open but had a blank stare or do not look around.

After the breathing will stop at all and was followed by cessation of heart action, then the person is clinically dead because there is no circulation and reserve oxygen to reach the cells in the body. But clinical death can be returned through the process of CPR (breathing assistance), transfusion or ventilator. But if 4-6 minutes after clinical death there is no change, then it means that the heart is not able to work anymore.

Because the heart is not working, then automatically the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body and brain will also be stopped. Due to the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain, the brain in a matter of a few seconds will also die and that's where the end of the journey of a human life.

Why wedding ring is placed in ring finger?

Why wedding ring on the ring finger is always there, why not in another finger ... I actually also confused but after reading an article, interesting also to note. Try it follow these steps, you'd be amazed because God really makes wonders (this quote comes from Chinese):

1 Firstly, show your palm, middle finger bent inward (see picture).

2 Then, 4 fingers tips to tips.

3. game begins, 5 pairs of fingers but only 1 pair can split.

4 Try to open your thumb, the thumb represent parents, the thumb can be open because all human pain and death. Thus our parents will leave us one day.

5 Close up your thumb, then open your second finger, the finger represent brothers and sisters, they have their own families, so that they too will leave us.

6 Now close the back of your index finger, open the little finger, which represents the children. Sooner or later the kids will leave us.

7 Next, close your little finger, open your ring finger which we put our wedding ring, you will be surprised to find that it will not be opened. Because it represent husband and wife, during your lifetime and your spouse will continue to cling to one another.

7 Easy Ways to Learn Internet Marketing

Nowadays people are looking forward to becoming internet marketers for many reasons such as making money online, or to get away from their daily tedious job, and more. The specialty of internet marketing is that it brings solutions to all your queries on promoting your business online. Today, internet marketing is an essential part for growth and development of any business. Learning the art of internet marketing will make you a market leader and a smart businessman.

Internet marketing is referred to as web marketing, or in simple terms online marketing is the largest marketing channel all through the world. Advertising, website positioning, and marketing all are more commonly referred to as internet marketing. Online marketing does take much time and effort. However, through amazing skills and techniques, you can easily learn the trick of the trade. Internet marketing is vital to any start-up or for an online business. In order to confirm an optimistic growth and development in high-quality traffic, it is essential to enter into the stimulating and multifaceted world of online marketing.
Every business today wants to make the best use of time and resources

Below are 7 easy ways to learn the art of Internet Marketing

Surfing the Web
Are you new to the world of internet and do not have much experience in online marketing? The primary thing you must do is get accustomed with online marketing such as banner advertisements on every side of the web pages, online marketplaces, and online shopping sites such as Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. Browsing different online commercials, pay per click ads, will certainly aid you in creating a strong benchmark to learn internet marketing.

Sign Up for Social Media Accounts
The best way to understand internet marketing through social media is by signing up on different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. By signing up for these accounts, you will get a clear picture on how you can promote your products and services online, keeping in mind your target audience.

Define Business Objectives
It is significant to comprehend what you want to avail from your site. A business objective might be a phone call, sale, a newsletter, ad revenue, or anything you can come up with. This is something that must be clear from the moment you pick a product or a service to market.

Identifying your Online Competitors
Decide who your online competitors are. Research and discover how they operate their business, how they promote and how big market share you consider they might have. You can also subscribe for e-newsletters, research and study their press releases and learn the weaknesses and strengths of your online competitors. At times, you might even require to buy a product from your competitor, in order to know how they end their sales procedure.

Know your Target Audience
Should you be able to identify your target audience based on your products? You should categorize large groups of individuals into rational sub-groups so that you can sell relevant products to them.

Generate high quality, focused and Related Content
Knowing whom you are interacting with, allows you to modify your content to be stimulating, valuable, pertinent and helpful to your target audience. Persistence is the key here. Be consistent in creating the right content to the right individuals, and finally, it will generate profits.

Create Online Marketing Campaigns
Ensure that your website uses Google Analytics, so that you distinguish which techniques are effective and which are not. This is a repeatedly an overlooked rule of Internet marketing; however, it is the lone way for your return on investment.

Internet Marketing - How to Start

I know how difficult is to beginner (and maybe also to advanced) marketers to focus on essential things and filter out unnecessary information. There are so many tempting offers out there of which maybe even 90% are only junk which sucks your money. In this post I will write about a few simple profitable marketing tips.

There are so many new methods that could be tested... But which one should you start with? What is the most important? How to know which one is the good one?

In fact, as a beginner, you should concentrate on these three things only:

1. Getting Visitors

You can get visitors a million little ways. Search engine optimization, content development, video marketing, advertising, social media, viral marketing, PR, link building, link exchange, offline ads...

Which one to start with? With the most effective!

For example, it might appear profitable to comment on other pages when your logged in as a Facebook page to get likes but if that's really your only reason of commenting then it's just a waste of time. This is an additional option. If you want to do it, do it, if not, not. But do not want to build your visitor-getting strategy on this method. It's a time-consuming method.

To get quickly targeted visitors there is only one way: ads. Google AdWords and Facebook in particular. After only a few tens of dollars you can get good results. Then you can start with search engine optimization and content development, as they slowly but surely bring more and more visitors in the long run. And needless to say that spamming, spam posts, posting comments just to leave your link, are time-consuming and inefficient methods (and also people will hate you for it).

2. Prospecting

Most visitors do not buy right away. However, they would gladly sign up for your newsletter if you have a good, useful bait they can download. For those who don't sign up, propose to Like your page on Facebook! And of course, you can also build a re-marketing list of everyone who visits your site. Communicate with them regularly, teach them!

So, when you have a good deal, you don't have to struggle to promote it to total strangers, but to potential buyers who already know you.

3. Customer Acquisition

From here it's really not difficult. You have whom to speak, you have a product, the only thing to do is to set up and publish a campaign of at least 4-5 newsletters/ Facebook messages for the enthusiasts contacts on your list.

How to set up the offer?

    Describe which of the buyers problem will your product solve!

    Describe how will his problem disappear and how will he feel after his problem will be solved!

    Include in your offer: limit (time limit and product quantity limit), bonus (es), evidence (customer reviews-testimonials).

If you have reached this point the only thing you have to concentrate on is to continually grow each step. The more visitors you get to your page the higher chance to more potential buyers.

    Very few visitors? Test your ads! Try new targeted audiences, new text, new photos! Create more quality content for your site! (The best way is to write every day - I know, it is difficult, time-consuming, but in the long run this is a free web traffic magnet which will drive a lot of users to your site).

    Not many of them are interested? Serve more free "bait" and focus on CTA (call to action)

    Insufficient buyers? Correct in your campaigns! Rewrite your offer! Make the right "to campaign," which introduced the topic that interests!

If there already is a stable and day by day well-growing visitors-prospects-buyers list, you can start to experiment new ideas and opportunities. By now you'll be experienced enough to decide what is working for you and what's not.

Danger at the beginning:

Spending weeks or months to polish your website. If the goal is to get customers as soon as possible, you only need:

    A landing page(or squeeze page), a description of the bait and a subscription form;

    A thank-you page where you thank the sign-up;

    A sales page(OTO-one time offer), with an irresistible offer for one of your product /service and an order form;

    A thank you page where you thank the purchase;

    A contact page because it is mandatory and also because customers can look for contact information.

That's it. If these are ready you can start advertising! If you don't have money for advertising, you also need to set up a blog where you write every day focusing on subjects that are of interest for the new visitors who come to your site.

"Okay, okay! I've been through these. What's next?"

Now you can upgrade your system:

    Don't just advertise but also build remarketing lists and promote customized deals.

    Segment (create target groups) your list and create unique campaigns.

    Segment your target groups and create individual baits, individual subscriber pages, custom ads to get a better ratio.

    After each sale offer an OTO product/service(upsell).

    Sell again to your old customers deals specifically for them (easy to implement beginners version: in each initial package put a discount coupon for your next offer)

    Build a pyramid of your products which will contain low entry-level priced products, mid-priced products and exclusive luxury goods.

    If you offer a service where your presence is needed you could think about creating a "passive" product(s) which does not require you to be there in person (e.g. online training, audio CDs, video tutorials, eBook)

    You start to outsource jobs.

Everything's done? Then let's go to level 3!

Create mass-products that you can automatically sell to new prospects. For example: a key chain or shawl at Louis Vuitton which is much cheaper than the other products. This could be a CD, DVD, book, small product with your own brand...

Begin to extend widely! Don't want to sell only just on your web page. This is a product which can be sold to retailers, commercial chains, other online stores. Put it on Amazon, eBay, Etsy...

Be inevitable for your targeted audience when they visit stores in which you put your products. Create something for everyone to buy from you even if it is only something very small.

Profitable Marketing Tips

This is the all-in-one place where you'll find everything you need to set up and run successfully an online business. If you want to build a one-page (ugly) site, a personal or business blog or even a really responsive top ranking full website then you're at the right place.

It's really hard to be a beginner at something, I know. When you first do something that previously didn't do at all you are uncertain and feel fear. Fortunately, there are still people who can help you, from whom you can learn from almost any field in which you are a beginner.

A few years ago when I started my business I would have given anything for a good coach or even for good step-by-step lessons. Back then the internet wasn't this rich. There weren't so many information available (nor so many crooks who promise to make you a millionaire in a month by selling you crap) so it was really hard to find the steps and succeed. It was quite a challenge and hard work but it was worth it.

Now I decided to help those who need a little push... and also those who aren't beginners anymore but still struggling with the mysteries of internet marketing and making money online.

How to find good business ideas?
Simple: look for them. Read business-themes blogs, marketing books. Walk in the world with open eyes and soon you'll be full of ideas.

Starting from scratch quickly! How is it possible?
How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Keep it simple!

Start by writing ideas on a paper in a quiet room or outside place where you feel comfortable and creative. Find out what will your product be, what will you write about, who will your targeted audience be. Just think about what are you good at, what would you write about with pleasure and willing to learn more and more about. If you intend to set up a simple affiliate site with product reviews then that's another story. Don't worry, we'll talk about that too.

Set Goals, Have Deadlines
These are very important. Keep focusing on them. Lack of clarity is one of the reasons why many online businesses fail to make an impression. When you are clear on your goals, achieving them on time falls into place.

Target a Good Market
It's impossible to sell everything to everybody. Before you can begin to build your business, you need to figure out who makes up your target market

Build Long Term Relationships: if you want your business to be profitable you need to be able to create a bonded and good relationship between yourself and your customers.

Your primary goal has to be to keep your relationship with your customers in good standing even after they've finished purchasing from you. This is how you will reduce your costs of getting customers because it is a lot easier to sell to existing clients than it is to find new ones.

Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained

Affiliate marketing is when you promote (advertise) your partners product and send traffic to his site.

In most cases you earn commission when visitors buy that product but there are other programs too over which you make a commission.

When you simply drive traffic to your partners page (Pay Per Click) or to a squeeze page and visitors opt-in for his newsletter (Pay Per Lead) you will be paid after the number of visitors who signed up.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it's practically easy to register to an affiliate program and right after that you can put instantly your partners ad on your page.

After registration you'll receive a link (hoplink), different sized banners, email swipes, sales page content, and sometimes product descriptions too to put on your page.

If your visitor clicks on one of the ads and buys the product on the other side then you'll receive a commission which can be between 10% to a whopping 75% or maybe more. About the commissions you can read on your partners affiliate page before you even sign up.

From most websites and partners you'll receive the payment when you reached a certain amount and that's about $50 or $100 program and partner dependent.

A few big Affiliate Marketing Programs are: ClickBank.com, CJ.com, JVzoo.com. Here you'll find a bunch of products that you could promote. Just choose a category and read carefully the product reviews.

But before you advertise a product I recommend to research about it a little on forums, blogs, etc. See what people who tried that product are saying to find out if it's really a quality product or not. This will reflect back on your page.

You don't want to promote a bad product because you'll lose clients. I know, you'll say that it's the sellers problem if a product is bad and the customer is not satisfied, but how did that visitor end up at the sales page? From your ad, from your website! That is why it is important to know what are you selling. Yes, everybody wants to make sales, earn big commissions but for the long-term it's more important to have satisfied customers who will probably be back for more.

One other thing that you might consider is not to promote products from too many programs on your site. It would be best to choose a program that has a bigger variety of products because you can reach faster the $50 or $100 limit after which you'll be paid. If you choose one product from each program you'll reach that limit maybe much later and won't enjoy the fruits of your work that soon.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Main Types of Bike Racks in the Market

There are three main types of bike carriers; hitch mounted, strap on and roof mounted. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Hitch-mounted racks

These attach to a hitch at the back of the vehicle. There are two types.

• Class I carriers are compatible with a large number of cars and small Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Depending on the design, they can hold up to three bikes.

• Class III carriers are designed for use with pickups and large SUVs. They can hold a larger number of bikes than Class I racks. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on smaller vehicles without expensive modifications.

These carriers are extremely easy to install, and there is generally less chance of accidentally scratching the paint off a vehicle while mounting bikes.

However, without proper installation, they can block rear windows, increasing the possibility of causing accidents while reversing, or cover license plates, which is considered illegal in many jurisdictions.

Strap-on trunk-mounted racks

These carriers are attached with straps to the trunk, rear bumper or hatchback, and carry up to three bicycles. They come with padded or plastic-coated frame supports to protect the bicycles from scratches and other damage.

Strap on racks are cheap and easy to store when not in use. They are also versatile, and can be used on virtually any model, which makes them particularly suitable for leased vehicles.

Unfortunately, like hitch-mounted racks, they can block the rear window if installed poorly. They are also less secure, as it is possible for thieves to untie or cut straps attaching bike racks to the vehicle.

Roof-mounted racks

These are attached to the vehicle's upper door frames or rain gutters, or where available, cross bars or roof racks, which is generally cheaper. Depending on the size of the vehicle, up to seven bicycles can be carried. A special case can be added if extra storage space for tools and other equipment is needed. When it is not being used for holding bikes, the rack can be also used for carrying canoes and skis.

While roof-mounted racks guarantee unobstructed view from the rear window, they are more difficult to install. Other disadvantages include increased air resistance, which can lead to increased fuel consumption and wind noise, and the increased likelihood of scratching paint as bikes are lifted onto the vehicle roof.

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It turns Farts Smell Can Fight Cancer

Kala fart smell spreads, not just a shame that attack. Even more intoxicating smell headache and nausea. Eeuuyh! But the shocking news about a fart is coming from the world of health.

Recent research found that the smell of a fart can fight cancer. Wow, how can ? Yes, the study was conducted by scientists from the University of exeter. Based on the study, published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communications, hydrogen sulfide, a component that makes fart into a foul smell, can prevent cell damage that resulted cancer.
one of the researchers, Dr. Mark Wood said the smell of a fart can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, arthritis and dementia. Therefore, experts are developing a synthetic component called AP39. Later they will make a prototype machine called fart.

Although hydrogen sulfide has a good function, but if humans are exposed to large amounts of course will be harmful to health. Further research is needed to investigate this. Hmm, I hope they do not ask us to be a research subject yes, :D