Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Internet Marketing - How to Start

I know how difficult is to beginner (and maybe also to advanced) marketers to focus on essential things and filter out unnecessary information. There are so many tempting offers out there of which maybe even 90% are only junk which sucks your money. In this post I will write about a few simple profitable marketing tips.

There are so many new methods that could be tested... But which one should you start with? What is the most important? How to know which one is the good one?

In fact, as a beginner, you should concentrate on these three things only:

1. Getting Visitors

You can get visitors a million little ways. Search engine optimization, content development, video marketing, advertising, social media, viral marketing, PR, link building, link exchange, offline ads...

Which one to start with? With the most effective!

For example, it might appear profitable to comment on other pages when your logged in as a Facebook page to get likes but if that's really your only reason of commenting then it's just a waste of time. This is an additional option. If you want to do it, do it, if not, not. But do not want to build your visitor-getting strategy on this method. It's a time-consuming method.

To get quickly targeted visitors there is only one way: ads. Google AdWords and Facebook in particular. After only a few tens of dollars you can get good results. Then you can start with search engine optimization and content development, as they slowly but surely bring more and more visitors in the long run. And needless to say that spamming, spam posts, posting comments just to leave your link, are time-consuming and inefficient methods (and also people will hate you for it).

2. Prospecting

Most visitors do not buy right away. However, they would gladly sign up for your newsletter if you have a good, useful bait they can download. For those who don't sign up, propose to Like your page on Facebook! And of course, you can also build a re-marketing list of everyone who visits your site. Communicate with them regularly, teach them!

So, when you have a good deal, you don't have to struggle to promote it to total strangers, but to potential buyers who already know you.

3. Customer Acquisition

From here it's really not difficult. You have whom to speak, you have a product, the only thing to do is to set up and publish a campaign of at least 4-5 newsletters/ Facebook messages for the enthusiasts contacts on your list.

How to set up the offer?

    Describe which of the buyers problem will your product solve!

    Describe how will his problem disappear and how will he feel after his problem will be solved!

    Include in your offer: limit (time limit and product quantity limit), bonus (es), evidence (customer reviews-testimonials).

If you have reached this point the only thing you have to concentrate on is to continually grow each step. The more visitors you get to your page the higher chance to more potential buyers.

    Very few visitors? Test your ads! Try new targeted audiences, new text, new photos! Create more quality content for your site! (The best way is to write every day - I know, it is difficult, time-consuming, but in the long run this is a free web traffic magnet which will drive a lot of users to your site).

    Not many of them are interested? Serve more free "bait" and focus on CTA (call to action)

    Insufficient buyers? Correct in your campaigns! Rewrite your offer! Make the right "to campaign," which introduced the topic that interests!

If there already is a stable and day by day well-growing visitors-prospects-buyers list, you can start to experiment new ideas and opportunities. By now you'll be experienced enough to decide what is working for you and what's not.

Danger at the beginning:

Spending weeks or months to polish your website. If the goal is to get customers as soon as possible, you only need:

    A landing page(or squeeze page), a description of the bait and a subscription form;

    A thank-you page where you thank the sign-up;

    A sales page(OTO-one time offer), with an irresistible offer for one of your product /service and an order form;

    A thank you page where you thank the purchase;

    A contact page because it is mandatory and also because customers can look for contact information.

That's it. If these are ready you can start advertising! If you don't have money for advertising, you also need to set up a blog where you write every day focusing on subjects that are of interest for the new visitors who come to your site.

"Okay, okay! I've been through these. What's next?"

Now you can upgrade your system:

    Don't just advertise but also build remarketing lists and promote customized deals.

    Segment (create target groups) your list and create unique campaigns.

    Segment your target groups and create individual baits, individual subscriber pages, custom ads to get a better ratio.

    After each sale offer an OTO product/service(upsell).

    Sell again to your old customers deals specifically for them (easy to implement beginners version: in each initial package put a discount coupon for your next offer)

    Build a pyramid of your products which will contain low entry-level priced products, mid-priced products and exclusive luxury goods.

    If you offer a service where your presence is needed you could think about creating a "passive" product(s) which does not require you to be there in person (e.g. online training, audio CDs, video tutorials, eBook)

    You start to outsource jobs.

Everything's done? Then let's go to level 3!

Create mass-products that you can automatically sell to new prospects. For example: a key chain or shawl at Louis Vuitton which is much cheaper than the other products. This could be a CD, DVD, book, small product with your own brand...

Begin to extend widely! Don't want to sell only just on your web page. This is a product which can be sold to retailers, commercial chains, other online stores. Put it on Amazon, eBay, Etsy...

Be inevitable for your targeted audience when they visit stores in which you put your products. Create something for everyone to buy from you even if it is only something very small.

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