Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Signs People Will Die

All that lives must die. Like what death process that will be experienced by every living thing?

It is not easy to predict exactly when someone will die. Death itself can be caused by illness, accident or other causes.

In normal conditions as the sick person will usually show symptoms that indicate that his life will soon be over in a few weeks as quoted from Mayoclinic namely:

1 Feeling restless.
Someone will feel uneasy and difficult to sleep, other than that he would often change positions during sleep due to feeling uneasy.

2 Pulling away.
Someone does not want to engage in social activities or favorite activities.

3 Often sleepy.
Someone will spend more time to sleep.

4 Loss of appetite.
A person will only eat and drink in small amounts and different than usual.

5. Experiencing pause when breathing.
This usually happens when a person is asleep or awake.

6 Wounds that do not heal.
Experienced injury or infection difficult to be cured.

7 Swelling.
In some swelling in the area of ​​the hands, feet or other body parts.

The process of dying began to occur when the body can not get oxygen needed to survive. Different cell death will have different speeds, so the length of the process depends on the dying person's cells that lack oxygen.

While the brain requires large amounts of oxygen and have little oxygen reserves. So if the intake of oxygen is reduced it will lead to cell death within 3-7 minutes.

Some of the signs shown by the dying person is more sleep, it is to save a little energy remaining in the body. When the energy is lost, then the person will lose the desire to eat or drink. The process of swallowing becomes difficult and mouth will be very dry, forcing people who are dying for a drink would make it choke.

In addition, people who are dying to lose control of the bladder and intestines, so often seen wetting. People will feel confused, anxious and restless because it can not breathe regularly. When the cells in the body start to lose connection, then it will experience muscle spasms.

Death will be getting closer if the feet and hands feel cold and begin to slightly turn blue due to interruption of blood flow to the area. But in time they will increasingly spread to the upper parts of the body such as arms, lips and nails. Moreover people become unresponsive, though his eyes were open but had a blank stare or do not look around.

After the breathing will stop at all and was followed by cessation of heart action, then the person is clinically dead because there is no circulation and reserve oxygen to reach the cells in the body. But clinical death can be returned through the process of CPR (breathing assistance), transfusion or ventilator. But if 4-6 minutes after clinical death there is no change, then it means that the heart is not able to work anymore.

Because the heart is not working, then automatically the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body and brain will also be stopped. Due to the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain, the brain in a matter of a few seconds will also die and that's where the end of the journey of a human life.

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